What to expect when securing your booking..

First and foremost, A bespoke package which is Tailor made just for you...And this includes the price. 

When booking with me, I cater for the individual so prices do vary depending on the style you go for and the length of time and skill involved. 

Once you decide to secure your booking, You can choose two options to get started. 

If you would like to book your trial within 1 month, i will automaticaly hold your date for you until you have had your trial.

Or if you prefere to have your trial nearer to your wedding date and its a little while off, i then take a £50 deposit to secure your date and this is deducted from the cost of your trial or on the day. 

As explained on my home page. I will gather as much information about you and your wedding at the time of booking and will be totally at your service from then on and throughout the leadup to your wedding. I like to ensure that all my brides know that i can also help with maintaining their hair up until the day with cutting, colouring, enhancements, treatments or anything you feel might will add more sparkle to your step on your way up the isle! 

Your Trial...

If you look at my page  "My Latest Work" It shows various snaps i've taken at the time of trial's. Most are done at my in house work shop, but i do offer a mobile service if this is preffered. Trial time can vary between 1-5 hr's depending on how many there are of you in your party and whether you would like to book hair and make-up combined or either one, 

I have a very comfortable work room which caters for up to 4/5 people with Lots of mirrors, and Accessories for you to try if you are undecided on what will work with your style. I can also provide a veil for you to try aswell. And this will eliminate any extra costs occured with making sure you buy the right accessories to compliment your dress and hairstyle. I can also help you with finding the right retailor when buying accessorries and will happily send you some links via email with ideas for your you and your bridesmaids that won't break the bank. 

On The Day...

I will usually turn up at the crack of dawn with rota in hand! If you have a large Bridal party i will be accompanied by either one or two of my lovely assistants. They are there to help with all my prep work i.e Curling, Waving, Bases and primers, lashes and accessories. They are both highly skilled and trained by myself to work to my standards if time is short. Otherwise i will come alone if only 1-3 of you. 

We will have already mastered between us a devised plan of who and when will be made up first and i will set to work. 

Once everyone is finished and feeling exquisite, i will perfect finer details and double check everything is absolutley perfect before i leave you to enjoy the rest of your day.

However i have acquired a varied amount of other skills over the years and have also found myself assisting with swattign wasps, changing nappies, pulling up body stockings and lacing up dresses!

Payment is made in full by bank tranfer one day prior to your wedding and extra's occured (Auntie would like a blowdry) Are payable on cash on the day. 

I am totaly at your desposal until you are ready to set off should you need me! 

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