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"So excited to announcement my first magazine feature in Mile Magazine! When Sofia first made an enquiry, she challenged me instantly by saying that she was coming over form the states and so far could not find a stylist who would do as she asked....A very intricate flower design made by using her own hair. I was ready to embrace the task and set to work immediately sending her emails of my different ideas and techniques. She was happy enough to book me in for a trial and came all the way to England to see if I was up to it! 

7 Hrs later....We had tried two different trials as Sofia was no ordinary bride. She was having two wedding days at Leeds Castle, the best photographers flown in from Italy. Her dear mom was a well known designer and had designed the dress! I was so compelled to please the mother of the bride ( Who spoke no English) that I literally bent over backwards and tried all sorts of styles including this flower design until...Bravo, she was happy and gave me a big kiss!

I'm happy to say that although it was just as long on the actual day, as mom was glaring over me the whole time making sure every detail was perfect...It got me a place in the finals and a place in Mile Magazine"  

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