March 2020 -Brings my exciting new workshop launch!! 

On the 2nd Of March I launched my first hairstyling work shop..Following a great success I will now be doing another one next month. If you would like to try your hand at Plaiting and styling for yourself or on your children then come along to fun packed evening where we learn various skills at your own pace. Top book your place please contact me through my contact page. Spaces limited as I like to provide my small groups with some one to one tuition. 

Autumn 2019

With Autunm in our midst, it's time for a new wardrobe, new colours, and a new look for your locks. Here's some tips on the latest trends and colour's.

LOWLIGHTS Is a great way to achieve an Autunm look without totally going drastic. This saves you colouring all your hair in one go and is easy to go back lighter for the summer again next spring. Add some lowlights to blonde hair to achieve a softer warmer colour and to give your hair a rest from lighteners.

BALYARGE is another great way to subtly change your colour and easily rectified come spring. You can smudge your roots out or add some dark tones to give a regrowth free look that will last you through until that christmas appoinmnet. This can lengthen root application time by up to double the time you would usually see your roots come through.

WHAT COLOUR DO I CHOOSE? If you need some inspiration look all around you at the new autunm colours emerging all around. If you're stuck on the right tones and colours for your skin tone, check out my blog below which will helps you make the right choice.

For yellow toned/ tanned skin
For Neutral skin tones
For warm/pink skin tones
For pale/ alibaster skin/cool
How to check if you're warm or cool skin toned-March 2020

A quick and simple way that is proven to work for me is to check the colour of your veins! Sounds daft but if you turn your wrists facing up and simply take a look

Green = Warm/Yellow tones 
Blue = Cool/Pink tones
Purple = Neutral you lucky thing, you can pretty much get away with anything!

Which MAC foundation should i use? Aug 18

Warm skin NC (yellow tones)and cool skin NW (Pink tones)

For oily, uneven, problomatic skin ( Redness, Acne, Rosacea) Use a full coverage = Studio fix Foundation. This is good on young skin. 

If you still struggle with all of the above in your 40's and 50's = Try Prolongwear. It gives great coverage, but not quite as heavy and doesnt show every wrinkle!

Mac now have a new range called Water wear which is great for mature skin.

For those of you over 40 with good skin and tight pores, go for MAC face and body illuminating foundation

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